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Nossor inspection list for forklift

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inspect forklift certificate & final date
driver`s license
Diesel engine
check oil level
engine oil leaks
check coolant level in equalizing reservoir
inspect & clean air filter
check fuel system for leaks
Hydraulic & Steering
check hydraulic system seals
check oil level, and adjust if nec.
check the steering hydraulic oil level
check steering system for proper seals
check transmission oil level
check driven axels for proper seals
Electrical system
check cable connections & battery acid level
inspect warning lights (fanar)
inspect reverse alarm
check forlift lighting system for function
Tires & spare
check lug nut tightness, tighten if nec.
check tire pressure
Compressed & brake air system
check proper seals
check the function of service brake and parking brake
check brake system operating pressure
Axel suspension

check hydraulic system seals
Driver`s cab
chack armature function
seat safety belt
check fire extiguisher

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