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NOSSOR EL WADI Company is a provider of high quality, cost-effective equipment rental and services, and is committed to maintaining processes and systems based on the guide lines of ISO9001:2008 to assure trace ability of its products and performance of services dedicated to quality and to the needs of the customer.

Our Strategic Direction is based on the Quality process, and our company encourages the creative participation of all employees. Customer satisfaction is our Mission, which compels us to continuously improve quality, productivity, efficiency, and reliability.

We want everyone to understand and implement this policy throughout the Company.

The objective of NOSSOR EL WADI Quality System is to ensure that its services conform to requirements. The system employed is based on ANSI/ASQQ9001-2008, ISO9001:2008 and associated supplementary documents. The Quality Management System is described in the Procedure Manual.

(*) Control of Documents

NOSSOR EL WADI Procedure Manual establishes procedures to insure:

(a)Documents are approved for adequacy prior to use.

(b)Documents are reviewed, updated and re-approved as necessary.

(c)Changes and the current revision status are identified.

(d)Relevant versions of documents are available at points of use.

(e)Documents remain legible and readily identifiable.

(f)Documents of external origin determined by the organization to be necessary for the

Planning and operation of the QMS are identified.

(g)Unintended use of obsolete documents is prevented and suitably identified as obsolete

If retained for any purpose

(*) Control of Records

NOSSOR EL WADI Procedure Manual establishes procedures for control of records to assure that records are legible, readily retrievable and readily identifiable. Records provide evidence of conformance to requirements and of effective operation of the QMS. Procedures identify controls for identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention on time and disposition of records.

(*) Management Commitment

The Management of NOSSOR EL WADI is committed to an effective QMS. NOSSOR EL WADI establishes procedures to assure effectiveness and continuous improvement by:

a) Communicating the importance of customer, statutory and regulatory requirements to the organization.

b) Establishment of the quality policy.

c) Ensuring relevant quality objectives.

d) Conducting management reviews.

e) Ensuring the availability of resources.

(*) Customer Focus

The Management of NOSSOR EL WADI is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction. The

NOSSOR EL WADI QMS is reviewed during the Management Review process to assure that customer requirements are met and that customer satisfaction is enhanced.

(*) Quality Policy

Our quality procedure was established to ensure:-

a) Is appropriate to NOSSOR EL WADI.

b) Includes a commitment to comply with requirements and to continually improve the QMS.

c) Provides a frame work for establishment and review of quality objectives.

D )Is communicated and understood within the organization.

e) Is reviewed for continuing suitability.

(*) Responsibility and Authority

Responsibility and authority within the NOSSOR EL WADI QMS is documented in the QMS organization chart and Job Descriptions. They are communicated within the organization by posting and training.

(*) Management Representative

NOSSOR EL WADI appoints a Management Representative from the organization as described in the QMS organization chart, which irrespective of other responsibilities will:

a) Ensure the QMS is established, implemented and maintained

b) Report to top management on the performance of the QMS and any need for improvement

c) Promote awareness of customer requirements throughout to organization

(*) Internal Communication

NOSSOR EL WADI communicates data indicating the effectiveness of the QMS within the organization. Methods of communication may be electronic distribution such as email, video presentation, or posting to bulletin boards.

(*) Management Review

The NOSSOR EL WADI Procedure Manual documents procedures for Management Review. Planning and review occur annually and are monitored quarterly. There view will ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the QMS. Evaluation will include assessment of opportunities for improvement and changes in the QMS, quality policy and quality objectives. Records will be maintained.

Review Inputs

Inputs to Management Review will include:

a) Results of audits.

b) Customer feedback.

c) Process performance and product conformity.

(d) Status of preventive and corrective actions

(e) Actions from previous management reviews

(f) Changes that could affect the QMS

(g) Recommendations for improvement

Review Outputs

Output from Management Review will include decisions and actions related to:

a) Improvement of the effectiveness of the QMS or its processes

b) Improvement of product relative to customer requirements

c) Resource needs

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