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NOSSOR EL WADI is committed to the Continuous improvement of its health, Safety and environmental Performance believing that these are integral elements of our business. NOSSOR EL WADI thus commits to minimize its HSE risks and impact to the employees, environment and nearby communities and strive for an injury-free workplace coupled with sound environmental management of its activities throughout the life cycle of working sites.

*Adopt a systematic Approach to HSE, management designed to ensure compliance with the locallegislation,

Licenses and permits conditions, company policies and international best practices;

*Respect, value and promote the customers, traditions and lifestyle of neighboring communities;

*Identify and assess the HSE impacts and risks of all decision and activities;

*Ensure the necessary control measure is in place to rationalize resources and minimize HSE impacts and risks To levels which are as low as reasonably practicable;


*Ensure the necessary resources are provided to maintain an HSE managementsystem to continually improve Our operations;


*Maintain active consolation and dialogue with employees' stakeholders and Community to ensure transparent Information disclosure and address any  grievances that might arise;

*Perform regular HSE audits and inspection to assess of the business;

*Report HSE performance to stakeholders on a periodic basis; and periodically review this policy and the System by which is achieved .

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